Do you use some pesticides?

We try to make a reasoned culture by using organic

How do you collect coffee?

The coffee beans are collected at the plants and then dry.

How do you collect pepper?

Our producers collect the pepper and dry them. For white
pepper, they collect, waste them and then dry.

Which method do you use to prepare the product?

All our products are prepared in natural way which respect and preserve the favor of the plant.


Which certifications do you have?

We have a sanitary certificate for all our products.


Can we ask for our own weight?

No, our products are sold at the indicated weight.

With a coffee bag of 100g, how many coffees can I do?

With a filter or a machine, you can do between 8-10 coffees.

Which coffee can you recommend me?

Our K’Phe Den will be good for Vietnamese customers because it’s very strong. At contrary, our coffee 80/20 and 50/50 will be perfect for foreign customers.


Which products can you export?

At the moment, we only export coffee and chocolate in Vietnam.

In which countries can you sell your products?

For the moment, only in Vietnam.

How much time does the delivery take?

In Ho Chi Minh, the delivery will take 3 working days and outside of Ho Chi Minh, the delivery will take 7 working days.

How can I pay my order?

If you want to be delivery in Vietnam, you will pay by cash at the delivery. If you are out of Vietnam, we will pay when you order by bank transfer.

Is the delivery included in the product price?

No, we will give you the price for the delivery which is at the customer’s expense. The price depends on where you want to be delivered.

Is the product will keep his favor during the delivery?

It depends on the carrier’s insurance.