Vietnam is a tropical country and has a long-standing agricultural development with many key export agricultural products of international stature such as coffee, rice, cashew, spices, vegetables and fruits. In order to achieve high productivity in agriculture, the use of plant protection drugs is necessary, contributing to improving the quality of commodity agricultural products in the domestic and international markets.

However, the overuse of plant protection drugs has brought many harmful consequences for production, the environment and public health, it also threatens the sustainable development of agriculture. Even, many agricultural products have bad reputation in the international market because of excessive pesticide residues allowed.

Realizing this fact, instead of buying through traders, Ta Lai AROME buy agricultural raw materials such as coffee, pepper directly from quality plantations at a price 30% higher than the market price. This action not only creates better income for farmers, helps them have a stable life, but also help Ta Lai AROME control the quality of input materials. In addition, Ta Lai AROME has been educating farmers to limit the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to create clean, high quality products, while minimizing the negative impact of farming on biodiversity.