Referring to Vietnamese drinks, people immediately think of coffee. From the nineteenth century, coffee trees have followed the French introduced into Vietnam in the colonial period. At first, this drink was only for the nobility, French officials or the intellectuals in urban areas. Gradually, coffee became a popular drink in people’s lives.

Today Vietnam’s coffee is not only known for its output in the top world, but also for creating a very unique coffee culture of Vietnamese. The two types of coffee used and grown popular in Vietnam are Arabica and Robusta. Each type has made its name in the country as well as abroad in terms of output, quality and taste.

Vietnamese people have their own style of enjoying coffee, they do not consider coffee as a quick drink and anti-drowsiness effect like Americans but enjoy coffee as a culture of sipping and thinking. Sitting by a cup of coffee, taking small sips while reading the newspaper, listening to music, chatting with friends, with business partners, or sitting at work.

Vietnamese Coffee is mostly made in French style, which means using filters. People poured boiling water and sat waiting for the coffee to expand, soak up the water and filter each drop, very special. Enjoying and thrilling waiting for each drop of coffee to drop a little, is a special hobby of Coffeeholic

Depending on the region and age, Vietnamese enjoy coffee in many different ways. For example, Southern people usually wrap coffee in cloth and cook in pots, they prefer to drink iced coffee rather than hot drinks. And the Northern people, mainly drink coffee mixed with filter, black or brown but all are very concentrated. People like a cup of iced coffee with sweetness, some people are only fascinated by the coffee drops that are leisurely dropped from the old filter, and others like to drink whipped coffee like a “awake” medicine.